Who We Are

Who We Are

Extraordinary Women United produces a website that each week hosts interviews and videos about the triumphs and journeys of women. These are women that circle our lives daily, but we don’t necessarily have the opportunity to meet or get to know them.

EWU allows us to hear their stories and learn from them, grow with them, support them, connect with them.  It is the opportunity to dialogue and share with women all over the world.  It is a forum just for women. 

There is a charge to be a member that facilitates us having meaningful dialogue vs.a post and bounce website and differentiates us from Twitter or the like.  We also have a charge so we don’t need to clutter the website up with advertising but rather we get to celebrate our sponsors who share a passion and focus for women.   It is the opportunity to dialogue and share with women all over the world. 

We are offering the first 500 women their first year membership free, then its $24.95/year.  

Founder & Director

Kris Wentworth

Kris has a 25 year background in business ownership, as well as over a decade of design and delivery experience in the arena of personal growth and development seminars.  This is where Kris honed her coaching expertise and developed the ability to design cutting edge programs.  This unique background makes Kris an expert in developing people products & services.  

* As the Director it is my responsibility to have the company succeed and grow into what will fulfill the Mission and the Vision of 1,000,000 members.  My vision for the board is that we share in the challenges and victories of building Extraordinary Women United.  The board serves as the sounding board and together we use our voices to help us rise and be extraordinary.

Board Members

Chief Wellness Officer (Love & Partnership)
Emily Adams

The Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) is the overseer of the well being of officers, staff, and members. The CWO holds the space for people to grow, aspire, and inspire to move forward in their lives for the fulfillment of their personal and societal goals.

Emily Adams has been a long time friend to the Director. She is the mother of two grown children and has resided in Phoenix, Arizona for several years. Emily was asked by the Director to serve on the Board due to her extraordinary ability to listen to people without judgment and support them in reaching their goals.

Emily moves forward with grace and commitment that makes you want to hang out with her and listen to what she has to say.

Chief Accountability Officer (Integrity)
Monti Blazevuch

The Chief Accountability Officer (CAO) is the overseer of the promises of Extraordinary Women United. Working with a clear understanding of the promises, goals and targets for the fulfillment of the mission the CAO with intelligence, understanding and creativity supports the company to fulfill the mission.

Monti Blazevich was one of the first people the Director shared her dream and vision with for Extraordinary Women United. Monti’s immediate response was that it was amazing. When asked if she would serve on the Board it was without hesitation that she said yes. Monti is a soft-spoken powerhouse. Her passion to make a difference and background in sales and marketing makes her perfect for her role on the Board. Monti is a mother of two grown boys, something she has in common with the Director. She has been married for 30 years and looks forward to the next phase of her life.